About Us

Medguard Medical Supply (MMS), a U.S. based, family-owned company was formed for one simple reason – to help customers solve the challenges of diabetes in their daily journey through life. The company is on an inspired mission to remain committed to never losing its focus on customer service, attention to detail and follow through so you as the customer can focus on living a life of health and abundance.

Founders Samuel Llanes and Spencer Smith of Parkland, Florida started MMS after working together for many years in the Insurance industry and other consumer-based businesses and decided to apply the lessons learned to the healthcare industry.

Samuel and Spencer understand first-hand the daily challenges of living with diabetes through their family experience of navigating this journey. This experience, in part led them to a greater appreciation for the fact you can live a long, healthy life with diabetes, but only if you are working to control it now and stay diligent in gaining a deeper understanding of how to live a healthier life—with all the tools, health tips, and food ideas required.

MMS has a plan to continue to engage with the latest technologies for diabetes care and through research and strategic partnerships offer additional diabetic products and solutions as they become available in the marketplace.

Our services include experienced diabetes specialists to answer your questions, insurance benefits checked, provider for Medicare and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We believe in communication and our inbox is always open – email us at info@medguardmedical.com with ideas and questions.

We Are Available. Let’s get to know each other !